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How Universal Document Converter Works

Today businesses face all sorts of situations that require converting files to PDF format or one of the common graphic formats. It can be difficult to manage all the different formats and file parameters. With a wide selection of powerful features, Universal Document Converter makes it easy to solve any PDF or graphic conversion tasks.

A feature worth noting is Universal Document Converter's virtual printing technology, which significantly simplifies the conversion process. Simpler conversion means that users save time and money and work more efficiently.

UDC Works Faster

Fast launch. Universal Document Converter uses virtual printing technology to convert files, so users can convert any file to PDF or image format with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Instant settings. The software comes with a set of profiles for the most frequently used conversion settings. Users may also create custom profiles to handle specific tasks.

High-speed conversion. Universal Document Converter uses a proprietary conversion algorithm that is optimized to run at top speed even on older, less powerful computers. Files are quickly converted on any computer.

UDC Works Better

Multi-page files. When supported by the output format, Universal Document Converter can create a multi-page file from files of different formats.

Supports all popular file types. The Universal Document Converter virtual printer can turn any source file into a PDF or one of the seven most popular graphic formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF and BMP.

Flexible settings. Universal Document Converter offers flexible settings so that users can find the best combination of image quality and file size.

Proprietary quantization algorithm. The software is built around a proprietary quantization algorithm for creating high-quality image files.

High resolution. Users can choose up to 2,400 DPI for target file resolution.

Simple margin cropping. Universal Document Converter can automatically crop margins of any color during the conversion process.

Environmentally friendly. Using Universal Document Converter makes it possible to create high quality PDFs without printing and scanning. That saves paper and keeps more trees standing.

UDC Works Well Together

Scalability. Universal Document Converter is a scalable solution that can be used both on standalone workstations on corporate networks and as a network printer.

COM interface. The software offers a COM interface for fast, easy integration into any corporate network.

Support for terminal solutions. Universal Document Converter can be used on networks with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services and Citrix.

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