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About fCoder

fCoder is focused on software tools for electronic document flow and digital image processing. The company has been releasing successful e-document and digital image packages for over 10 years, since 1998.

At present fCoder is focusing on three areas: tools for electronic document flow, batch processing of digital images, and creative editing of digital photographs and other images.

Electronic Document Flow

fCoder's developers have created several tools to enhance e-document flow systems and make common processes easier. Universal Document Converter, first released in 2000 is one of these most popular tools.

Universal Document Converter converts any type of file into PDF or graphic format. What makes Universal Document Converter different is the virtual printing technology that makes the software truly universal and extremely simple to use. This software is optimal for corporate users, with a wide selection of options for integration into an existing enterprise information system.

Many large companies have discovered the advantages of using Universal Document Converter. Satisfied clients include Siemens AG, Xerox Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and Rolls-Royce Energy Systems.

Batch Processing of Digital Images

The developers at fCoder have also created several software packages for batch processing of digital images. ImageConverter Plus is the most comprehensive tool in its class, capable of processing large numbers of files and offering granular controls on output file settings.

fCoder has also developed a number of console utilities for converting specific types of image files (such as 2TIFF and 2JPEG). These utilities are perfectly adapted for corporate networks, business applications, databases and more.

Creative Photo Editing

fCoder released its first photo editing software, a program called PhotoMix, in 1999. Originally designed for creating collages, in time the software grew into a fully-functional photo editor.

The quality of PhotoMix editing software has been noted by scores of reviewers, including experts at Chip, PC Answers, PC go!, and DigitalPhoto Camera. PhotoMix also has tens of thousands of satisfied professional and amateur users around the world who use the software to get the best out of their photos.

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